GUNIA Project, UA


GUNIA Project was created in 2017 by Natasha Kamenska and Maria Gavryliuk with a mission to preserve Ukrainian national values, to modernize Ukrainian art and show the world the beauty of Ukraine by highlighting handmade crafts like decorative paintings, ceramics, wicker weaving, and embroidery. The first product to be released under the brand name was the Hutsul wool coat Gunya, which is created on hand machines in the Carpathians. Today, the brand does not limit itself to the framework, but creates collections of exceptional things for everyday use, inspired by Ukrainian culture and heritage.

Gunia Project integrates recognizable elements of traditional culture into modern design objects and seeks new forms of Ukrainian style. The brand is inspired, but does not repeat the examples of folk art. The founders are researching crafts to find their application in the modern world of technology.

Gunia Project is a brand of exceptional things produced on the basis of traditional ethnic cultures. Each collection is a unique combination of design thinking, deep ethnographic research and artistic approach towards craftsmanship. The brand employs folk crafts and gives heed to the slightest details of traditional culture to create designer artisanal pieces perfectly fit for the needs of everyday life.
By last year their items were presented for Pope Francis, Emperor of Japan, Brigitte Macron and many more. Their main goal is to spread knowledge about Ukranian culture outside Ukraine.