Raya Stefanova


Raya Stefanova | Fountain 01 and Fountain 02 | beeswax

Raya Stefanova is a Bulgarian designer, whose work circulatеs between disciplines aiming to create and make things responsibly. In her practice she has been involved in projects exploring contemporary design from various perspectives – from objects and spaces to materials and methodologies; from design as аn organizational form to educational and social initiatives.

The work shown in this exhibition is inspired by the fountain as an object and as an act of creation, and the source of inspiration is the roadside fountain we can see traveling through small towns and villages in Bulgarian countryside. Apart from being functional, these fountains often carry a hidden symbolism – sometimes personal, sometimes historical.

The project Fountain 01 and Fountain 02 is a clash between the solid and the liquid, the permanent and the fleeting. The series of fountains made for the exhibition is composed of basic structural forms, contrasted with an unexpected and delicate material such as the beeswax – resistant to water, but not to time. It is locally sourced and entirely biodegradable, leaving no negative footprint in the environment. The project is an ephemeral expression of the typical forms of fountains in Bulgaria, but unlike them, the objects in the exhibition are temporary.