Nikoleta Nosovska


Nikoleta Nosovska | Auxiliary Set | Print on porcelain

Nikoleta Nosovska is a graphic designer and illustrator. She graduated with a degree in Visual Communication and her professional path went through advertising agencies and IT companies to settle permanently in the field of freelancing. She has collaborated with Bulgarian clothing brands, participated in campaigns of the organization for social change Fine Acts, and the silk screening place Sito Studio. Apart from Sofia, recently she has been living in the past, the present and sometimes in the future, where she does not linger for long. In her work, Nikoleta tries to create a visual language in which to weave time.

Her current project “Auxiliary Set”, part of the “Free-Range Superheroes” series, is inspired by the traditions and customs that awaken her imagination to be rewritten and redrawn in a contemporary visual language and with a personal touch. She is inspired by the folklore image of the Kukeri, who are nowadays seen as heroes with distinctive superpowers. Powers that partly come with eating. “Auxiliary Set” unites the old grandmother’s plates with the new superheroes who give up plastic to return to the roots of divine beings and myths. The set is a visual collaboration between past, present and future.

Tip: Rub the soup pot and let the spirit roam free in time and space, see the past, live in the present and imagine the future.