Neva Balnikova


Neva Balnikova | STOP | recycled plastic from car brakes

Neva Balnikova is a jewelry artist. Her work is easily recognizable for its unorthodox combinations of materials, shapes and messages. Being a self-taught talent, Neva sets aside special time to analyze and unravel the technology of the process. Her strength lies in the unconventional ideas that emerge in the form of brooches, necklaces, rings and bracelets. She relies on her ongoing relationships with other artists, jewelers and gallerists to successfully develop her projects.

In the STOP project, Neva’s interest in using local materials led her to the idea of analyzing and collaborating with ODELO, a local factory producing high-tech lighting systems for cars. She chooses to use secondary waste from melted plastic, reminiscent of lava or other similar natural texture. The contrast between the organic form and the synthetic material inspired Neva to recreate its character as a gemstone or another element of similar value.