Lyouba Assadourova


Lyouba Assadourova | The Path | wool

Lyouba Assadourova has had creativity and free spirit to always guide her life. Born and raised in the coastal town of Varna, Bulgaria, she dropped out of university a year before graduating to land on another continent and start afresh in New York. Her curiosity opened serendipitous professional paths – she made hats for celebrities and delved into textile patterns and color techniques. Once back in Bulgaria, she launched – handmade home goods celebrating simplicity, sustainability and wanderlust. Lyouba first draws her visual ideas and then looks for collaborations with artisans on materializing them – weavers for her woolen carpets, ceramicists for her colorfully vibrant porcelain mugs and jugs. Extra care is paid to both the relationships with the people she works with and the selected materials.

“The Path” is her new work from a series of carpets called „Azimuth“ (direction) and inspired by the carpet-making traditions of the Balkans and her desire to interpret them in the context of contemporary life. A view of weaving as an unbroken thread of knowledge and wisdom passed down from mother to daughter that connects us as family, culture and society. The Path Project is also a gesture of love to wool, possibly the oldest fiber known to humans. One of the first fibers spun and woven into a fabric, it is the most reusable and recyclable fiber on the planet.