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The Money of the Future


Until 21.11.2021

The Money of the Future


Until 21.11.2021

Settle and Melba Design Festival are inviting you to participate in the open call with a visual interpretation on the topic - The Money of the Future.

Have you been wondering what the future of money will be? Will they still exist on paper in the years to come? Will they become part of us and our imprint? Is there the chance that we will exchange money only for actions and experiences? We are looking for new and innovative interpretations of the topic without any limitations in the visual discipline. The selected works will be presented in a digital format online in the exhibition The Money of the Future on the 24th of November.

How to participate?

Every candidate has the right to submit one proposal in the following ways till 11.59 pm on the 21st November: Publish a story with your project on Instagram and send a message to @melbainitiatives with info about the artist, title of the work and a short idea description. The only valid submissions are the ones with tags @settlebulgaria и @melbainitiatives.

Send an email to with subject The Money of the Future and your project with a short description in the following format: JPG or PDF up to 2 pages and not more than 3 MB. The email should contain the artist’s name, title of the work and a short idea description. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify entries with obscene content.

The winners are giving the organizers the right to exhibit their works online on the official Melba Design Festival 2021 website

The four members of the jury are:

Adriana Andreeva and Boiana Gjaurova from Studio Komplekt, Detelina Momcheva from Settle and Momchil Zahariev from NEXT-DC.

The organizers of the contest:

Studio Komplekt, Settle, NEXT-DC